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Social media marketing Workshop
Active Now

Social media marketing Workshop to learn digital marketing fundamentals , it will be customized for your business.
Location : Mokkatam
Hours : 12 hours

What will you learn ?

✔️ How to manage you Ads
✔️ Make a successful Ads startegy
✔️ Targeting technique
✔️ How to manage the budget
✔️ When you can stop the Ads
✔️ Ads on Facebook and Instagram
✔️ Step by Step live Ad.
✔️ Workshop fees: 1500 LE

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Online Live Workshop
Active Now

It is one on one training session and by the end of the workshop you will be fully trained on managing you Ads on social media
It will be 10 hours of practicing the proffissional Ads.
Location : Live

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Our proffissional marketing expert will review your social media Ads Ads and give you the correct direction to improve your social media Ads results .

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